Through His Eyes


 Sometimes look at my boys and think to myself:

When did you get so big?

How long have you been able to do that? 

Sometimes I get so caught up in our daily routines that I almost believe that time isn’t passing. It is one day to the next, alarm clock off to alarm clock set. Our days are a mixture of rush and slow that seem to blend together.

So maybe it is no wonder that I sometimes get taken by surprise by their Big and their Independent.  

HisEyesTakingPictures Through His Eyes

Concentration to get the perfect shot

For his last birthday, we bought Captain Alpha a tablet. He has shown interest in taking pictures for the last couple of years, and he was looking forward to using the camera feature. Every so often, I would see him snapping a photo or two, but I didn’t give his photos much thought – until the other day, that is.  I was looking something up on his tablet when I saw the little gallery icon; I asked if I could look at his pictures. 

As I swiped my way through the past few months of images from his life, I was amazed to see such a unique point of view on familiar people and places. I was seeing the world through his eyes.  

There were several sunset photos.

HisEyesSunsetCamping Through His Eyes

And some of his dad blowing bubbles.

HisEyesBubbles Through His Eyes

David said he didn’t know that Alpha was taking pictures

Me laughing. 

HisEyesLaughing Through His Eyes

I am pretty sure I was talking to someone when he took this one.

The lake shore.

HisEyesLake Through His Eyes

Looking down

The branches we saw on a walk.

HisEyesBranches Through His Eyes

Looking up

His brother, in the tent when we went camping last summer.

HisEyesTent Through His Eyes

This one? Took my breath away.

 An afternoon snack at a favourite spot.

HisEyesSnack Through His Eyes

Taking food photos? I think this guy needs an Instagram account.

In 80 photographs, he only took 6 selfies – including this one with his brother, my favourite subjects ever:

HisEyesSelfie Through His Eyes

Be still my heart.

Looking at his pictures gave me another moment of “How did this happen? Weren’t you just born, like, last week?”

But that was followed by a sense of knowing this growing-too-fast boy just a little better for having seen his world through his lens. I understand that part of him that likes to record his moments in photographs – because he got that from his very proud Mommy Mom.

Do your children like taking photographs? What are their favourite subjects? 

With the exception of the first photograph (which was taken by me,) all photos in this post were taken by Captain Alpha. He agreed to let me write about what it was like to see life the way he does and gave me permission to use his photos. 

About Kim Steele

Kim is an early childhood educator turned stay at home mom who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband. Together they are co-piloting two little Captains, Alpha and Bravo. She writes about the funny and the sentimental of everyday life with her boys. Kim is fond of Jane Austen and science fiction and can often be found singing in the car - although she has been known to stop for coffee or chocolate. Connect with Kim on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. I love his perspective! I especially love the photo of you – he’s capturing moments, just like his mother. :)
    Alison recently posted..Existential BummerMy Profile

  2. The one in the tent camping took my breath away, too. That’s lovely!! I love that he records his important moments in photographs. My daughter loves to do this, too. My teen only loves to take the most unflattering photos imaginable. He has entire folders on his phone dedicated to photos of each family member with our mouths open in mid sentence or our eyelids fluttering. It’s a hat trick if he can get both in addition to our hair contorted in some weird way. If he happens to catch a decent photo of any of us, he deletes it immediately. –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Pinterest Nightmare #132: The Pet High ChairMy Profile

    • Oh, Lisa – that is something I can see my youngest doing when he gets a little older. He is SO delighted when I get an unflattering or blurry photo. I can see him saving them all one day. :)

  3. I love that your little man takes photos. My oldest has taken pictures since she was 3 or 4 – and I love looking at how things look through her eyes. It allows us to get in their “space” in a different way.
    Ilene recently posted..Upside DownMy Profile

  4. I love this! What lovely photos and it is wonderful to see life through their eyes and the things that they want to capture. I’ve been thinking about getting a camera for my kids. I know that they would love it.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up: Don’t be afraid to ask for helpMy Profile

    • I am sure they would love it, Christine. Getting the tablet and being able to take clear pictures has been been very encouraging for my oldest. I hope he continues taking pictures!

  5. It took my breath away too, Kim. Wow. I haven’t really had Scarlet do this, although I should. She could totally use my old camera that I let Cassidy use.
    These are really so beautiful and to see them all laid out like that. Well I can’t imagine what it was like for you to first view them.
    Tamara recently posted..My Very Thankful Heart.My Profile

    • It was so amazing to flip through them the first time. He used to sneak my old camera sometimes a few years ago and I have always been fascinated by his perspective. :)

  6. These are beautiful! It is so interesting to see things form their perspective sometimes. It shows us what is important to them.
    Lisa @ The Golden Spoons recently posted..ThankfulMy Profile

  7. I just loving seeing things through their eyes. My oldest takes pics on his iPod which is my old phone and it’s so fun to go through them. I love your comment about Instagram – ha!

    And that shot in the tent is so great. And of course the selfie with his bro. Such a fun post, thanks for sharing with us, Kim.
    Elaine A. recently posted..My Day. How Was Yours?My Profile

  8. So awesome that he not only takes pictures but that he sees the beauty and greatness all around him!
    Kim recently posted..A Valuable LessonMy Profile

  9. Please tell me you are framing that picture he took of his brother and hanging it in his room! That is truly a picture that speaks a thousand words!
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted..Five Minute Friday: FlyMy Profile

  10. Those are great pictures! I love seeing things through there eyes. You get a glimpse of what to them is worth capturing and remembering.
    Julia recently posted..Friday FavesMy Profile

  11. I love seeing what our kids capture with their cameras. Their perspective is so different from ours! My oldest tends not to take any pictures except of the animals, but my two younger ones take all sorts of pictures!
    Michelle recently posted..Hey Coach: Give the Kid a Chance! {Guest Post from Eli at Coach Daddy}My Profile

  12. How fun to see things through their eyes. I love the pictures and couldn’t agree with you more when you say, “weren’t you just born, like last week?” lol
    R.F. Dietz recently posted..Gratitude Is My PrayerMy Profile

  13. This is the best! I love his view. Especially the one of you laughing! Such a great post, Kim. What a doll.
    Adrienne recently posted..PearlsMy Profile

  14. amazing. flipping through that would have just stopped my breath I think. so SO neat to see his world view and get a sense of him through his pictures. I really love it.
    sarah reinhart recently posted..more than one way aroundMy Profile

    • It was so amazing, Sarah. I was really surprised at some of the images I saw and yes, I really felt like I got to know him better because of it. Actually, the other day he said how much he loves sunsets – and I thought (and said) ‘yes, you really do’ – because I remembered all of the sunset photos I had seen. :)

  15. I love everything about this post! Your heart is so full with such love for your boys.
    Natalie recently posted..A Fulfilling WeekendMy Profile

  16. We take photos of the things we love, in the moments that bring us joy. Your son is learning this at a very young age, I think.
    Andrea recently posted..We DancedMy Profile

  17. I think we are so blessed to have this technology and the ability to record these moments. I love that he has that same wish to remember like his Mom! It’s a gift for you too, to see the world through his eyes!
    Stevie recently posted..Ask Away Friday with Heather of The Frill of LifeMy Profile