One More Time


I will admit to a certain amount of grumpiness.

“I am finished with winter.”

“I am DONE – so fed up with snow.”

I said that. Several times. 

Spring seems to have forgotten us in Nova Scotia this year. Wednesday, we had a doozy of a storm. Yep: March 26th and we get walloped with 50 cm of snow (that’s 19.7 inches for my non-metric friends.) Happy Spring, indeed.


I daydream about spring. 

I crave barbecue and cold salads. I miss the sun and its heat and beams that warm every corner of our house, our yard.

I miss playing with bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

I want to plant flowers and hang out at the park.

I long for warmer days and lighter jackets and not having to start the car in the morning. I smile when I think of sandals and flip flops and the smell of sunscreen.

All of that seems far away, though. And at times I feel impatient.

With all that snow, we had snow days on Wednesday and Thursday. You know I love a snow day – but the grumpiness lingered for a bit.

Captain Alpha come outside with me to help me shovel on Wednesday night. After we had been out about an hour, he turned to me and said, “I want summer.” His voice sounded tired.

Exactly, I thought. Don’t children just have a way of stating something with simple perfection?

Looking back on the past couple of days, though, I realize I didn’t mind so much. I am not sure when it happened, but at some point over the past day or two, my grumpiness left me. It is gone – replaced by gratitude for one more chance at this.

We had a *real* snow day afternoon when David came home early from work.  We had coffee and a game of cards as we watched the snow swirl around the windows. Then later, we made supper together. These things rarely happen during the week.

The boys and I went outside yesterday afternoon. The wind was still blustery, but the sun was warm. 

I considered us lucky to find a pair of matching, hole-free mittens for Bravo at the end of March – never mind that they were for the same hand. They had a wide Velcro strap across the wrist that, after we were out for a while, collected beads of snow. Bravo would munch them when he thought I wasn’t looking. My calls of “No eating snow!” always made him laugh.  

One more snow day – chances are, the last one for this winter.

One more morning to hang out in jammies. One more picnic lunch on the living room floor.

One more chance for them to play outside in fresh snow. One more opportunity for me to dodge snowballs and see these smiles.


This is the picnic table in our backyard. Yes, the benches are completely covered with snow.

Another wear of the snow suits that may well be too small come next winter – or fall. (It is Canada, after all.)

One more day for chili bubbling in the slow cooker and biscuits in the oven while and mittens and boots dried by the heater.

The spring things will come (soon, I hope?) but these moments are here now; I decided to soak them in.

One more time.

At least, I hope it is the last snow day. (For this winter, at least.)

Are you wearing flip flops yet?  


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      I hope spring is there to stay for you, Sarah! We had some rain yesterday that took some of our snow so I am hoping it won’t last too much longer. As much as I enjoyed the home days and seeing the boys have fun, I *will* be happy to wear flip flops again.

  1. says

    No flip flops but our weather forecast for the next ten days seems very.. early Spring(ish). Between 45-60 degrees and a lot of rain. I’m a non-metric kind of girl, and I gasped out loud when you did the conversion for me (thank you – I would have turned to Google).
    My husband is in Burlington today for work and he said it was a full snowstorm! Cold rain and 50 degrees here.
    I want summer BADLY. However, it’s nice to be on a seasonal day. It’s often 50 degrees in March in New England. It was the 18 degrees yesterday morning that threw me.
    Tamara recently posted..The Triple Threat.My Profile

    • says

      I have to say that they boys enjoyment of the day and seeing them playing in the snow really helped me to look at it differently. We had some rain yesterday which took some of our snow – I hope the rest will leave us soon. I am ready for spring. It has to come in April, right?

    • says

      It has to warm up soon, right?
      Most of my optimism came from the boys in this case – it was hard to be in the dumps when they were enjoying themselves so much.

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    Oh my goodness I ache for spring so deep in my soul it’s unbelievable. The local weather group here just declared winter officially over based on the upcoming ten day forecast but it’s raining today so I don’t yet quite believe it!
    Tricia recently posted..Lovely little things, 11My Profile

    • says

      I just checked our weather a little while ago and there is a freezing rain warning. Boo. At least it should get rid of some of the snow. Spring has to come sooner or later though, right? :)

  3. says

    I can imagine you are ready for spring…b/c I am and we don’t have near the snow you do! I really don’t know how you handle all that coldness :) But my hope with April is it will bring spring. We’ve had a lot of snow and cold days here for our area so we are all ready!
    Natalie recently posted..A Blog AnniversaryMy Profile

  4. says

    I am so glad that storm missed is in Western MA! We are straight up tired of the cold and dreary winter.

    But at the same time you’re 100% right. A snow day would be one more chance to be lazy in our jammies, to have a picnic in the living room, and to cuddle close and read books.

    Hope you get to dig out soon!
    NJ Rongner recently posted..Musical Treats: Lishy Lou & Lucky TooMy Profile

    • says

      I was a nice couple of days. We have been having non-stop rain for the past few days now so it has put a big dent in the snow. Come on, spring! :)

  5. says

    We’ve had some warmth here in Northeast US. It’s still cold enough for winter coats in the mornings, but I can finally leave my scarf and boots at home for the rest of the day. Your snow days sound comfy cozy and more than a little appealing to me. However.

    Come on, summer!
    Andrea recently posted..Letter From a CaptiveMy Profile