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SmartPhoneLoveLetter 1024x614 Love Letter

Just over a month ago, after months of hinting and “wouldn’t it be nice”-ing, I got a super new smart phone. Shortly after that, I wrote about how I was learning my way around this new toy useful piece of technology.

As you can see from the heartfelt note above, my love affair with my new phone is still going strong.

It really has changed my life – in ways I had not anticipated.

At the time I got it, I thought it would be more convenient. (I thought it would be nice to be able to send a few text messages without having to charge the battery, for example.)

I was looking forward to being able to take better pictures with the phone’s camera and finally joining Instagram. I was excited to have a larger, improved display screen for text conversations. I was anxious to try out social media on it.

What I wasn’t expecting was:

how much more I would love social media

how much time I would save 

But most unexpected of all, is the connection I feel to the outside world and the freedom to move away from the computer.

I am spending more time with my children. The time I save by having access to my phone means I have more time for offline activities. So at the end of the day, I have more time for writing and relaxing.

I feel more organized, more productive.

My children are loving the new phone, too. They love to sit on my lap and take pictures with the rear-facing camera. (They call them “cuddle pictures.”) They look at the moments we capture and laugh and press their heads close to mine to take more.

Speaking of cuddle pictures:

PhoneCuddlePic 614x1024 Love Letter  

And just this morning, I went grocery shopping without a paper list. I noted everything we needed in my phone throughout the week and checked each item off as we put it in the cart. No hunting for a pen, no scribbling to try to get it to work once I found one. (I don’t even have a pen in my purse, I recently realized.)

I am always on the lookout for new apps and tips.

So, yes, I am still in love.

SmartPhoneFrontier 1024x614 Love Letter

Hey, I may be one of the last to the party, but I can still have fun when I get there, right?

By the way, are you on Instagram?

What about Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest?

I am all those places – now more than ever. Hope to see you there!

Has your phone improved your life?

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Comments Make Me Geek Out

  1. Cuddle pictures! So cute! I love my phone, too. Unreasonably so. I have a problem being away from my phone. I always have to check it when I get a notification. But then, I do the grocery lists like you do (or take a picture of the list on the fridge!) and a million other highly efficient things.

  2. I love that picture of you! It’s awesome!
    I also love my BlackBerry and it has brought me so much joy. It also never talks back like my kids do and neither my husband nor the kids are allowed to touch it. Sigh.
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted..Game of LifeMy Profile

  3. bahahah. that pic of you HAS to be one of my new faves. I was the same way when I got my smart phone…speaking of which–has almost been a year. It really did take my social media-ing to the next level. some days that’s awesome. Other days I know I’ve been on my phone too much. But I won’t speak of that–you’re still on your smartphone honeymoon :) enjoy!
    Sarah @sundayspill recently posted..#ippp: it’s all about the brambles, babyMy Profile

  4. OMGOSH the note feature is TOTALLY one of my favorites too!! lol

    And you win the internet tonight with that cuddle picture. Amazing.

    Now I’m off to make sure I’m following you on Pinterest ;)
    Mama Pants recently posted..Reindeer Games {#iPPP}My Profile

  5. Haha…love the picture. I felt the same way when I got a smart phone for the first time!
    Katie E recently posted..Toddler Gymnastics #iPPPMy Profile

  6. I have resisted taking the plunge and going with a smart phone. Gotta be honest, though, you present a VERY compelling case!! :)
    thedoseofreality recently posted..LEGO My Toys!My Profile

  7. Your cuddle picture is awesome! You’re so smart!! Also, see if otterbox makes a case for the style of phone you have. My otterbox. Case has literally saved me thousands. There have been many times the plummet it took towards concrete would have shattered the last wink of light out of it and there way nary a dented side or cracked screen. Soooo worth it!

  8. Haaaaaaaa!!! Love it!

  9. That picture was a laugh out loud. Loved it. Will have to search for you on all your links.
    Jamie@SouthMainMuse recently posted..Take the long way home. A field trip revisited.My Profile

  10. Awww…Ain’t love grand?

    Me? I’m a Blackberry gal, which I suppose puts me somewhere in between the old and the new you. Some day…I’ll catch up with all of you Instagrammers. *sigh*
    Sue recently posted..Open Letter to Mom from The Small OneMy Profile

  11. Welcome. We’re so happy you have joined us… ;-D

  12. Le sigh.

    Yes, it’s true love with mine, too.


    *Such* a cute post! Love!

    {And congrats!!}
    Galit Breen recently posted..Born to Fill, on MoonfryeMy Profile

  13. I am TOTALLY addicted to my phone too. I love it, and would be lost without it… although I’m not entirely sure that it saves me time or keeps me away from the computer.

    I read your other post about autocorrect. Since you’re on Android you should download SwiftKey3 Keyboard. It is even worth it if it is a paid app (I don’t remember. It was one of the first apps I downloaded on my phone). It analyzes your social media and even your blog to predict your text. It really is the best keyboard I’ve found for Android and I don’t think you’ll be too scared of autocorrect with it.

    I hope the love affair with your Android continues! :)
    Laura recently posted..Great ExpectationsMy Profile

    • Thank you, I anticipate that this love will last! :)

      Thank you for the keyboard app recommendation – I am going to look into it. I am loving the variety of available apps.

      And thank you so much for stopping by!

  14. I wanted to keep my kids away from my phone, but then I had to take all three of them to a 45 minute long violin meeting for the oldest. My two year old was driving me crazy and I quickly downloaded one of his favorite games to my iPhone and let him have it. It saved my sanity and the sanity of those around me. I have used it (judiciously) for moments like this ever since.
    Rabia @ TheLiebers recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Table Clearing editionMy Profile

    • My children are very drawn to it – and my oldest has jokingly suggested that I get some game apps. But so far, they have had minimal contact with my phone. In a situation like the one you described, I might do the same. :)

  15. That picture of you with your phone made me laugh. That’s exactly how I feel about my phone too!

  16. This is so, super funny! I’ve been using a smart phone for a while, but one time when Iot mine and went back to an older one while my new phone was being sent, I almost died! I don’t know how I lived life without a smart phone until I was without mine! LOL! Enjoy it!
    Britton recently posted..‘Pin’-Spiration: Love Is In the Air!My Profile

  17. LOVE the picture! And the letter :) I still feel the same way about my phone. Love it! Totally following you on everything but twitter now, because I am lame and still haven’t taken the twitter jump
    Audrey recently posted..Tractor PartyMy Profile

    • Happy to connect with you on social media, Audrey! These phones make social media so much better!

      I joined Twitter when I started blogging last year. It was confusing at first, but now that I got familiar with it I found that I really like it. :)

  18. LOL! You know, most posts I see are about moms lamenting how technology KEEPS them from spending time “living”–nice to see a post the other way around :D

    • I really do find that I am spending less time at the computer since I have my phone. There is so much that I can do on it (and do it so quickly.) I am loving it! :)

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  19. Oh Kim, I laughed out loud at your picture! I am in love with my phone too, and I’m not ashamed! ;)
    Adrienne recently posted..Featured Blogger-JDaniel4′s MomMy Profile

  20. I love my phone too–so useful!!

    Happy Sharefest!!
    The 5th Level of Motherhood
    Melanie recently posted..You Love Me, You Really Love Me!!My Profile

  21. I loved this post. It makes me want to just grab my phone and hug it too!

    Tabitha Vos recently posted..ThoughtLess ThursdayMy Profile

  22. I absolutely know how you feel and can totally relate. Visiting from SITS!
    Anitra recently posted..Using Your iPhone To Create Amazing PhotosMy Profile

  23. Ohmigawsh. What an awesome post! I love the adorable “couple photo”! Too cute!

    Visiting today from #Sitssharefest!
    Julie Jordan Scott recently posted..How to Make Simple DIY Postcards with Items You Have at Home NowMy Profile

  24. Boo-hoo! Now I want a Smart Phone!
    Ginny Marie recently posted..Pet Peeve: Medical StudentsMy Profile

  25. I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy a smart phone, yet. You’ve almost got me convinced.

    And this post definitely confirms the Trekkie identity. Well versed.
    misssrobin recently posted..Why I Go to Therapy (and write about it)My Profile

  26. I currently have a blackberry, we are upgrading next month. I can’t wait. I anticipate feeling the freedom that you have expressed in this post… :)
    Kelly recently posted..Being #Grateful for What We HaveMy Profile

  27. Smartphones if used wisely can be a great tool. But I have seen it misused so many times too. It can get a little addictive too. I have to catch myself to not be on the phone all the time so I can share time with everyone around me. I love your blog!
    Dannellys Rosario recently posted..How to deal with toddler tantrums?My Profile

    • Thank you so much! I agree, they can be a great distraction. I agree that is important to have that time when you put in down and just be present with those around you.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  28. LOL! I so know what you mean. I am in love with my smart phone too! What did we ever do before them? Happy SITS Day! :)
    Raquel @ Organized Island recently posted..Planning My Easter Dinner with Ecce Panis Gourmet Artisan Breads #EccePanis #cbiasMy Profile

  29. I had a crappy Tracfone (basic….really, really, really basic) for EVER. I got an iPhone this past fall. I LOVE it. Happy SITS day, late :)
    Jean Lynd recently posted..Acne Treatment That Doesn’t Dry Out Skin?My Profile