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Old School Blogging is back for November with Elaine from Miss Elaine-ous Life and Brittany from That’s Vandy, who is co-hosting with Elaine this month. This meme is from May 2008 and it is such a fun way to get to know each other better.  

Where is your cell phone? One of three places – right beside me, in my pocket or in my purse. It is never far away from me. 

Your significant other? Is David. He is currently rocking a cheesy ‘stache in support of Movember. 

KnowMeBetterOSB Know Me Better   Old School Blogging

Photo credit: Captain Alpha

Your hair? In desperate need of a cut. (Like my friend Kerstin wrote about - I am talking Stage 5 here, friends.) 

Your mother? Makes delicious baked goods.  

Your father? Is super handy and resourceful – he is my first call when things go wrong around the house. 

Your favourite thing? Being mom to these guys. 

OSBFavourite Know Me Better   Old School Blogging

The Captains (Bravo, left, and Alpha, right)

Your dream last night? Was weird. I don’t remember my dreams often, but when I do, they tend to be weird.

Your favourite drink? Coffee. Water is second; I drink more water than coffee, though.

Your dream/goal? To raise 2 strong, kind, capable men.

The room you are in? The little work nook/corner I have carved out of our living room.

Your fear? Driving in the snow or heavy rain.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? The Captains will be 15 and 10. (Eek!) I hope to be continuing along happily with my family, wherever we may be. I hope to still be writing.   

Where were you last night? On my couch watching Netflix. David was out, so I had a solo movie night. 

What are you not? Decisive – it took me forever to decide what movie to watch.

Muffins? Yes, please.

One of your wish items? A DSLR – one day. 

Where you grew up? Nova Scotia, Canada

NovaScotiaPeggysCove Know Me Better   Old School Blogging

One of my favourite spots in my home province

The last thing you did? Made a cup of coffee. 

What are you wearing? My pajamas.  (It’s early Sunday morning.)

Your TV? When it is on, it alternates between Treehouse (Canadian children’s channel,) The Food Network and Netflix.

Your pets? Are missed very much. But we still have no plans to get another immediately. 

Your computer? Is a recent gift from David – a new HP touchscreen. 

Your life? So very sweet. I am a lucky girl. 

Your mood? Bright – I am blogging, right? That always makes me smile. 

Missing someone? My friend in England. 

Your car? A blue Mazda 5. I love it. 

Something you are not wearing? Make up or hair product – PJs, remember? 

Favourite store? Chapters, a kitchen store, or Target

Your summer? Went so fast! But it was fun. 

Like someone? Lots of people. I am a friendly introvert. 

Your favourite colour? Red

When was the last time you laughed? Yesterday. I haven’t laughed yet today. I am sure that will change soon. 

Last time you cried? Probably 2 days ago. I am a sensitive sort, so I cry a lot.

What is one thing on your to-do list? Grocery shopping. 

Alright, everyone! Time to go Old School!

Just copy and paste the questions and add your answers and photos if you like. Then grab a badge and link up with Elaine and Brittany. Don’t forget to tweet using the hashtag #OSBlog with @Elainea and @BrittanyVandy.

If you are reading this, I am tagging YOU. Let’s get to know each other better!

Join in, won’t you? 

OSBimage125 Know Me Better   Old School Blogging

About Kim Steele

Kim is an early childhood educator turned stay at home mom who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband. Together they are co-piloting two little Captains, Alpha and Bravo. She writes about the funny and the sentimental of everyday life with her boys. Kim is fond of Jane Austen and science fiction and can often be found singing in the car - although she has been known to stop for coffee or chocolate. Connect with Kim on Twitter and Facebook.

Comments Make Me Geek Out

  1. Yay I love Old School Blogging! And I love that pictures of your smiling boys. New computer? Good job David! That’s the perfect gift for a blogger. I like the idea of a solo movie night, that sounds kind of nice. That way I could watch chick-flicks without any complaining from my hubby. I’m working on my post and hope to be linking up later today!
    Stevie recently posted..Tiny Baby ShoesMy Profile

    • The new computer is much appreciated – it is nice to have a faster one when I am blogging and reading. :)
      And I do love a solo movie night sometimes – I get to watch without feeling like I am forcing my husband to watch something he would rather not.

  2. Yay for Chapters! I love that store as well. Alas, it’s just as far away as the nearest Target… :)
    Love the pictures of you and your family and now I definitely want to visit Eastern Canada, that picture of Nova Scotia is great!
    (P.S. – your husband looks like the principal in my son’s school :) )
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted..42My Profile

  3. I love your getting to know you list. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Can I come over to your house for a cup of coffee? :)

    Great pic of you and your hubby!
    Andrea recently posted..Ten Ways To Avoid Stress Over The Holidays – My post at at today!My Profile

    • I would love for you to come over for a coffee! That would be awesome. Please excuse the crumbs on the floor and the folded laundry on the loveseat, though. :)

  4. I’m at Stage 5 for my haircut needs too. Des keeps grabbing fistfuls of it and that isn’t helping! I love seeing clear photos of the Captains and of your husband, cheesy mustache or not!
    Tamara recently posted..PinkWhen Jen and I!My Profile

  5. Friendly introvert! I love that. Probably describes me too. Also, I love that pic of your boys. Love getting to know you and your family better.
    sarah reinhart recently posted..Blissy blissy good second trimester energyMy Profile

  6. I so just got my hair done and it was so overdue! Aww love the family pics !
    Natalie recently posted..Moms Always Finish LastMy Profile

  7. Those Captains are HAND-SOME! And now I wish I was hanging out in my p.j.s with a cup of coffee even though it is 8:55. Maybe I’ll go make some tea… :)

    Thanks for linking up!!
    Elaine A. recently posted..IntroductionsMy Profile

  8. I’ve had these copied and pated for a week! Trying to find time to answer and post them. Always fun to learn a little more about my blogging friends! :-)
    Lisa @ The Golden Spoons recently posted..Sunday Supper – Crock Pot Baked PotatoesMy Profile

  9. Love the family pics…your boys are adorable! Grocery shopping is on my to-do list too – boo! If only they could magically appear!
    Michelle recently posted..Creating Custom Cards with Cardstore.comMy Profile

  10. I’ve been at hair stage 5 for months!

    Aw, how sweet of your guy to get you a new computer. Also, your boys are so cute!
    Alison recently posted..3 Things I Learned From Clean EatingMy Profile

  11. Aw! Your hubby looks good with the mustache. He can totally pull it off! Adorbs picture of The Captains, too!!
    You have a new touchscreen computer?! Squee!! Spill…do you love it? I don’t have a touchscreen, but I’m told that Windows 8 is a totally different experience with a touchscreen computer. Is it the best thing ever?
    This was a great Old School Blogging. I feel like I learned a lot! (I think I’m a friendly introvert, too!! I love that phrase!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..You Know You’re A MILF When…My Profile

    • I do love the touchscreen. And Windows 8 is soooo much better with it. I still use the keys and mouse, but having the option to scroll with the screen is awesome. David laughs because he will see me out of the corner of his eye and think that I am waving at him trying to get his attention. :)

  12. I can’t believe I never told you that about 10 years ago, we took a northern cruise and stopped in Nova Scotia to go sea kayaking. It was so very lovely and I hope one day to get back there!

    Also, I loved your whole list but let me just say that your and your kids have the most fantastic eyes! They are so big and awesome!

    I have a touch screen and have for a long time now but I never use the tough parts. I know, it just seems so odd :)
    Brittany recently posted..DIY Plumbing Pipe TableMy Profile

    • I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to Nova Scotia. I hope you do make it back one day!
      I use the touch screen mostly for scrolling – I just like whipping down and across the pages. I feel so futuristic. :)

  13. Oh I love muffins too. I just posted an awesome Chocolate Chip Avocado one.
    My BIL is doing the mustache thing too, he looks so funny with facial hair.
    Carolyn Y recently posted..Chocolate Chip Avocado MuffinsMy Profile

  14. So good to see pictures of you all and get to know you better! I feel like I remember answering these questions a few years ago…I guess that’s why it’s Old School Blogging!
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted..Have You Made Your Christmas List Yet??My Profile

  15. I love getting to know bloggers better – cute pics of your boys. My boys are all where your boys will be in 10 years. Eek!!
    Leah Davidson recently posted..Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  16. Yay for Old School Blogging! I have to do this! You boys are so sweet. Thinking ahead 6 years – crazy to think how big the boys will be! Mine will be 10 and 13. Whats?? And my wish too is to raise 2 strong, kind, capable men.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Teaching Final Done!My Profile

  17. Awwww… I love your sweet, little family.
    Jennifer recently posted..Pumpkin Pie with PAM Cooking SprayMy Profile

  18. I need more water than coffee, too.
    Julia recently posted..Friday FavesMy Profile