I heard them.

Those early morning stirrings that sound different on a Sunday morning: the slow, measured footsteps down the hall, the hushed conversations, the TV clicking on and the volume hastily turning down.

I laid there and listened, my eyes still closed, and savoured the extra moments. The next morning, I’ll be the first one up and will have to wake the two boys who have no trouble waking on the weekend to sneak about – but who, for some reason, are just “so tired!” on weekday mornings. 

I heard the scraping of bowls being removed from the cupboard and the clatter of utensils. Suddenly, small, quick footsteps approached me. 

“Mommy,” he whispered. “We are making you a special breakfast. You should get up soon.”

I peeked at him through the still-dark room; he was leaning over me, smiling with barely suppressed excitement. 

He left again and there were more sounds from the kitchen – the fridge door, the toaster – and I embraced the warm bed for a few minutes longer.

It was a weekend of embracing. 

On Friday night, we embraced our young geek-in-training and watched Return of the Jedi with Captain Alpha – completing the first trilogy and firmly establishing him as a fan. But was there any doubt about that, really? 

David and I are card-carrying geeks, remember? So he comes by it naturally.

We then went to full geek-fest mode on Saturday with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. We did it up right with food:

DoctorWhoSnacks2 Embraced

We had a cute little spread going on at viewing time with bananas (because you always bring a banana to a party) and Jelly Babies (would you like one?) and Jammie Dodgers. We watched and nibbled and drank tea. Earl Grey. Hot. (Wait… what?)

And it was fun and special – and it was made even more so because we shared it. (It is not as much fun to geek out alone.)

How often do you get to watch Star Wars for the first time? How often do 50th Anniversaries come around? We embraced the opportunities.

Because when you love something, you don’t go halfway. You take it in to your heart; it becomes part of your being. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it is hip or current or what everybody else likes, if you feel that connection. 

After a bit more shuffling and chairs-pushing across the kitchen floor, two sets of footsteps approached the bed a few moments later.

“We made you breakfast!” they announced.

BreakfastSpread Embraced

We rubbed sleep from our eyes and padded out to the table to see colourful plates and a variety of foods spread out. We thanked and complimented  - and gave a few reminders not to lick the jam spoon. And our day began with smiles and laughter. What could beat that? 

BreakfastSmiles Embraced

After a weekend of embracing, I felt embraced right back.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and readers! Canadian Thanksgiving was last month, but all the thankful posts online recently have me feeling grateful myself. And, really, any day is a good day for gratitude.

I hope your holiday allows you the chance to embrace all that is special and dear to you. 

About Kim Steele

Kim is an early childhood educator turned stay at home mom who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband. Together they are co-piloting two little Captains, Alpha and Bravo. She writes about the funny and the sentimental of everyday life with her boys. Kim is fond of Jane Austen and science fiction and can often be found singing in the car - although she has been known to stop for coffee or chocolate. Connect with Kim on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Love this, Kim! Especially the thought that when you love something, the only way to go is all in.
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Whistle-Worthy: Sturdy Girl Sports La Jolla Pant ReviewMy Profile

  2. Could there be a more perfect way to say Happy Thanksgiving than with the reminder to embrace? Let’s hear it for going all out. With everything. xo
    Ilene recently posted..Upside DownMy Profile

  3. I love the photo of the boys. I love the idea of geeking out like a family! Wish we lived closer, oh my god. I could really use some Doctor Who food.
    Tamara recently posted..Laughter and Meltdowns.My Profile

    • We totally geeked out this weekend. It was awesome and fun. I wish you lived closer, too, so that we could eat Doctor Who food. I really liked the Jammie Dodgers – they are awesome with tea! :)

  4. Reading this made me incredibly happy. Your family is awesome.
    Alison recently posted..In Giving, We ReceiveMy Profile

  5. Love this! Your boys are so sweet!
    Michelle recently posted..The Mother of All Meltdowns SALE – Give Mom The Gift of Sanity!My Profile

  6. AW! Who could beat that?! Nobody!
    This was so sweet!! It made my day!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Gobble, Gobble!My Profile

  7. Your boys are the sweetest. Love their smiles. As a big Star Wars fan, I can’t wait to introduce my boys to the movies. I know that it will be a few years yet because my oldest is so sensitive to movies and any sort of tension in story lines! I mean, he has a hard time watching Disney movies!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up: ThanksgivingMy Profile

    • My oldest was very sensitive too, Christine. We started to watch the first movie with him a couple of years ago, but he wasn’t ready for it so we waited. He is 9 now and did great with it. :)

  8. That is one great looking spread they made for you! SO sweet.
    Adrienne recently posted..I Want a Fake Christmas TreeMy Profile

  9. Aww! I love your geeky family! I cannot wait to show my guy Star Wars for the first time. I already know he’ll be a fan.

    I confess, I’ve never seen Doctor Who. You think it’s time I get educated?
    hilljean recently posted..25 Family Activities For DecemberDec 02ndMy Profile

    • I had never seen Doctor Who until this year, aside from the odd clip here and there. My husband watched classic Doctor Who when he was younger and had no interest in seeing the new version.
      I kept hearing about it and convinced him to watch a couple of episodes… we were quickly hooked and gobbled up the series. :)
      If you like sci-fi, I bet you would like it!

  10. I have been passing along my geekiness to my oldest son as well. Right now I have him a full fledged pokemaniac, and a Mario fan.
    Christopher D Drew recently posted..Breaking The Rules- 2nd Day Of AdventMy Profile

  11. So sweet! Love little one excitement. My girl started this weekend waking me up by putting her face right in mine. She thought it was hillarious but it really was a fantastic way to wake up :)
    Tricia recently posted..A flash of a moment in timeMy Profile

  12. Your boys are so sweet. I love that grin with the jelly on his face. This reminds me of being little and making my mom breakfast in bed which was toast, peanut butter, and a heart made of out cereal stuck in the peanut butter. Delicious right? I love the idea of just going all in. I tend to go all in with the things I love too. I think I really need to see Dr. Who. I don’t think I can be a real geek until I see it.
    Stevie recently posted..Ask Away Friday with Michelle of A Dish of Daily LifeMy Profile

    • Breakfasts made by thoughtful little ones are always delicious because they are made with love. :)
      I hadn’t seen Doctor Who before this year, but we quickly got hooked on the series after we tried it. If you like sci-fi I would definitely recommend it!

  13. How sweet are they?! This post warmed me all over. :)
    Andrea recently posted..We DancedMy Profile