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I know people have probably heard enough about the selfie.  Everywhere you look, people are posing and posting photos of themselves online.

I have been known to take a selfie or two – especially when I first got my phone.  How I adored that rear-facing phone. I began taking new profile pics left and right. I needed a new photo for my blog. I probably took 20 photos before I got one that was just right. I didn’t post them all of course, because really, there are only so many pictures of me that people want to see.

The boys caught on to what I was doing and soon asked to take “cuddle pictures” with me. They would sit on my lap and press their faces next to mine and we would smile. Eventually it would devolve into blurred funny faces and off-center snapshots, but it was a fun distraction.

"Cuddle pictures" - the early days of the #cuddleselfies

“Cuddle pictures” – the early days of the #cuddleselfies

Bravo is growing up. He is becoming more independent and self-sufficient. He wants very little to do with cuddles on most days. Even when he was sick last week, I only got a few. 

I saw him sitting down on the couch one afternoon, the fever obviously getting the better of him, and asked if he wanted a cuddle. 

“No, thanks. I’m OK.”

Although there are times that I feel like I still have that magic touch as a mother, four really has a way of squashing my momma heart sometimes. Now that he is feeling better, the cuddle embargo is definitely ON once again.

But I have a secret. The one thing that still gets a cuddle – virtually guaranteed?

He can’t resist a selfie with me. 

He smiles as he picks up my phone and crawls on my lap. “Will you take a picture of us?”

Over the past few weeks I have taken more than a couple.

A sample of the #cuddleselfie

A sample of the #cuddleselfies

That is why the cuddle selfie is the perfect solution to the loss of cuddle time.

He gets to make funny faces and create the blurriest images possible. He gets to play with tech by scrolling through the photos and deleting the ones that do not meet his criteria.

We share lots of laughs.

I get Instagram fodder. And best of all, cuddles. (I’ll take it!)

Sometimes we even take #cuddleselfies in the car while we are waiting.

Sometimes we even take #cuddleselfies in the car while we are waiting.

Sometimes I wonder if it is a good idea to be encouraging (or at least not DISCOURAGING) a preschool-aged child to take photos of themselves with you. I mean, while I want to encourage a healthy sense of self, narcissism is another kettle of fish. 

But for those few minutes when we sit down in the afternoon or in the evening, my no-longer-a-babe-in-arms baby? He is on my lap once again.

He leans in close and we share that time together. And, for a moment at least, I can pretend that he is still my little one – even though he is not so little anymore.

Do you take cuddle selfies?  

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    • says

      Oh, my youngest is my most difficult photo subject – so wiggly! But yes, so cute that I keep trying. (I realize that I am entirely biased.) :)

  1. says

    Oh my gosh, I love the cuddle selfie! I totally understand kids who are not so into the cuddle anymore–I have 3 out of 4 kids that are pretty anti-cuddle. I think the idea of using the seflie to cuddle is brilliant. And what special moments to have forever.
    Angela@JumpingWithMyFingersCrossed recently posted..THE Dress & #iPPPMy Profile

  2. says

    Those are so cute of you guys! I do this too. Sometimes it’s to get a cute picture of the two of us and sometimes it’s to distract myself from the popping of my personal space bubble. :)

  3. says

    Oh, I adore this. You know I have a four year old too, and the cuddles are nearly non-existent with him. Unfortunately, he also doesn’t like me taking his picture, so I’m out of luck.

    • says

      Oh, bummer. I only get a couple of snaps with my guy before his is wiggling and blurs all the images, though. The laughter at those usually brings him back.