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Captains’ Quotes are little morsels of clever, slivers of silly, or wistful wisdom from my Captains.

(In case you are new here, I call my sons ‘Captain’ as a way to acknowledge that they are their own people, sailing their own vessels. I am just beside them, helping them navigate.)

I sat my empty coffee cup down on the table, resigned.

It was lukewarm by then, but I wasn’t tasting it so much as I was completing a ritual. Each morning, I sit down for the space of time it takes to drink my mug and eat a piece of toast, before starting the day’s chores.

He approached me then, wriggling into the space between me and the table.

“I want to come up.” He looked up at me with a smile as he moved to climb into my lap. He likes to sit with me and see what I am looking at on my computer. “You checking Facebook?”

“Oh, honey,” I began. “I can’t cuddle right now. I was just getting up. I have so much I have to do today, I have to get started now.”

“Like what?” he asked.

I started listing all of the things that were waiting for me after this little morning ritual. I began to recite a list that is all-too familiar:

I have switch the laundry

I have to make the beds

I have to phone and book an appointment

I have to clean the bathroom

I have to take something out for supper…

He listening patiently as I went on and on, then suddenly interrupted with:


It stopped me in my tracks.

Whoa, there Mama. You forgot to play.

I did forget.

(I do, sometimes.)

I am so lucky to be able to be home with them. I am fortunate to be able to drop off and pick up Captain Alpha from school every day. I get to hear his stories when the bell rings. I spend my days with Captain Bravo, watching him grow every day. I am blessed to have a lot of time with both of them.

But it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day, to get bogged down with the everyday.

I just have to do this first…

I have to…

Before I play, I just need to check…

Always so much to do.

“You know what?” I told him as I scooped him up for a hug. “You’re right, I have to play, too.”


Because, while I do want him to see me set goals and accomplish them – yes, even if it’s cleaning the bathroom – I also want him to remember that I took time to play with him.

Did you remember to play today?

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