The Gift of Brothers


Welcome! To fly with Co-Pilot Mom and never miss a post, follow me with Bloglovin. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter, too!  For a while David and I wondered whether we would ever have a baby. When we felt ready to be parents, we had trouble conceiving.  Then, once we had Captain Alpha, we wondered whether […]

Epic Summer


  It seems to happen every year, and yet I think this year more than ever I set my expectations for summer so HIGH. I wanted us to have a summer to remember. Bravo is starting school in September. Our lives about to change drastically. It is all good, of course. Learning and growing. Growing […]

Boys on the Bus


  I was on the school bus coming home from school the first time someone told me I was ugly. I was seven.   I was sitting with my friend, chatting. When it was her stop, I stood to let her slide across the seat. We were sitting near the front, so I had to […]

Marriage: Not a Seafaring Fairy Tale


  This September, David and I will celebrate 16 years of marriage.  That number seems a bit incredible to me – in some ways, it seems as though it has gone by very quickly. In others, I realize how much we have been through together.   Sweet 16. And for the most part, our marriage […]

Time in a Bottle


  He crawled up on my lap. He was sticky with that little boy summer mixture of sweat and sunscreen and Popsicle residue. I put my hand on his cheek and wondered how he could have gotten Popsicle by his ear.   This weekend he sat with me on the couch a few times. He […]

10 Facebook Commenters in Your Feed Right Now


  I enjoy social media. I love to connect with my friends and family and readers. I spend time on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook. (Are we following each other at those places? I can wait while you check.) Lately I have noticed some trends in social media commenting. I wrote this post with Facebook […]

Happy Birthday, Me

Our first (very cold) beach day this summer

  Today is my 42nd birthday, you guys.  Does that sound like a big number? It did to me once, but it doesn’t seem so now. When people ask me how old I am, I have to pause and think. I don’t know how I could forget with the boys constantly reminding me – and […]

He’s Five Now


  We celebrated Captain Bravo’s 5th birthday over the weekend. We planned our first camping trip of the year months ago and since then, he told everyone “I am going camping on my birthday, you know,” which made it doubly exciting.  Birthdays are pretty minimalist in our family, with cake, cards and small gifts. And the […]

Big 10


  The other night, before Captain Alpha went to bed, David called him over.  “I want one last hug with my nine-year old.” He wrapped his arms around Alpha. “I can’t believe you will be 10 tomorrow.” I looked away because I could feel the tears welling up – as they always do for me […]

My Singing Makes Headaches


    Captain Bravo and I were talking about fingers the other day. He held up his index finger and asked what it was called. “That’s your pointer finger,” I said. Then, so very proud of myself, I worked in one of those teachable moments that people are always talking about:   “There is a […]