Cuddle Selfies

A sample of the #cuddleselfie

Hello, fellow navigator! Thank you so for visiting! To fly with Co-Pilot Mom and never miss a post, follow me with Bloglovin. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter, too!  I know people have probably heard enough about the selfie.  Everywhere you look, people are posing and posting photos of themselves online. I have been […]



  He was 10 days old.  He woke with clinched fists and eyes squeezed shut after a too-short rest. His head turned from side to side, his mouth moving; he wanted to nurse. I settled him close and felt him relax next to me. But the peace of that moment did not last. After a […]

Space Cadet


  I like to think that I am pretty smart.  I consider myself a geek – I even have a Geek card.  I like science fiction and can follow along with twisting plots – even when there happens to be a tear in the space/time continuum or a hole in the universe or the fabric […]

My Newest Blog Reader


  I have a new blog reader. When I see a comment from someone who has never commented here before, I always smile. It is a nice feeling to “meet” and connect with someone new. My newest blog reader didn’t post a comment here or on Facebook; I knew he was reading because he told […]

One More Time


  I will admit to a certain amount of grumpiness. “I am finished with winter.” “I am DONE – so fed up with snow.” I said that. Several times.  Spring seems to have forgotten us in Nova Scotia this year. Wednesday, we had a doozy of a storm. Yep: March 26th and we get walloped with […]

The F Word

No F bombs were dropped during this Pokemon trade negotiation.

  A note for readers: Brace yourself – I am about to swear on my blog. Well, indirectly at least. If you are offended by children discovering and repeating colourful words, please look away.  I have written before about how we don’t swear a lot at our house. Whether due to years and years of […]

You Like Me, You Like Me Not


  “You know, I didn’t like you when we first met.” I was still somewhat surprised when she came right out and said it one day, even though we had been friends for long enough by that time for me to know about her bluntness. She didn’t mince words; she said what she thought.  I […]


Ta do! Same wall, new colour.

  He was just over a year old. Captain Bravo has always been my little daredevil – walking at 10 months, running and climbing soon after that. So I was only mildly surprised when I came into the kitchen to find that he had pushed one of the chairs over to the space beneath the […]