The Problem With Sharing


Welcome! To fly with Co-Pilot Mom and never miss a post, follow me with Bloglovin. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter, too!  After spending the morning shopping (browsing! car singing! out in the world me time!) the other morning, I got to pick David up for lunch.  We don’t have lunch together often, so […]

Musings of a Judo Mom

Captain Alpha throwing David at an exhibition

  We’re a judo family. So I guess that makes me a judo mom. David has loved judo since he was a kid. It’s his other love – his “thing.” You know, that thing that we all have that makes us geek out. David could not wait for the boys to be old enough to […]

My Father’s Daughter


  I am my father’s daughter. I have his eyes and his patience. I have his curly hair, and his devotion to his family. We also shared a love of chocolate-covered nuts and fresh rolls and peanut butter cookies. But my dad was handy, a real MacGyver. He loved nothing more than to spend his […]

Flunking Happy – Could I Be Happy for 100 Days?


  I flunked psychology in my first year of university. It was the only course I ever failed. I didn’t go often because I didn’t like the class. (SO BORING – sorry, psych lovers.) When I did go, I found myself nodding off. I said I would read the text (I didn’t) and study at home (I […]

Old School Blogging – 5 Random Things

Cookies are boneless too.

  It’s Old School Blogging time again! This time, Elaine from The Miss Elaineous Life is teaming up with Nicole from Moments That Define Life. This month, they are going old school with 5 random things. I haven’t divulged any random tidbits about myself lately, so here it goes. PLUS – each fact has a bonus […]

It Would Have Been


  I would have remembered as soon as I woke up. I would have gotten the boys off to school and done some chores. Maybe I would have written, or folded laundry, or cleaned the bathroom. I wouldn’t have called too early. Being retired, sometimes he liked to sleep in – especially if it was […]

Confessions of a Car Singer

#100HappyDays - Day 2 Car singing is my favourite

  I have mentioned before that I love to sing. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of super-stardom and music videos. These days I have brief musical interludes with arias in the kitchen and solos in the shower – but I save my BEST performances for the car. If you are a car […]

We Are Not Ninjas – 7 Things You Should Know If You Hang With Our Family


  Just in case you were under the impression that our is a quiet, reserved family that quietly plays computer games and Lego with nary a peep, let me tell it to you straight. The truth is, we are pretty low-key. I would go so far as to call us homebodies, but all is not as it may […]

Sick Day Swindler


  Sick days. Every once in a while, we all need them. When it comes to my children, I have 3 sick day criteria: Ergo, if the answers to the above are NO – hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to school you go.  My criteria are pretty clear, and yet, I still have days when I […]

Bad Canadian


  Dear Canada – my home and native land, They started appearing in my news feed on Facebook – pics of friends wearing their jerseys, talking about game night. Then I noticed the trending topics on Twitter. Hockey season has begun, Canada.  Seriously? Didn’t it just end, like, yesterday? I mean “season” implies that there is […]