Two Toots Means Love You


There are certain things that I remember.

I remember how my parents stood together in the kitchen every night and did dishes. My mom washed; my dad dried. My mom would tell a story as she sloshed the suds around the plates and pans, my dad listened and interjected as he made neat stacks of cutlery on the counter top. …

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Homemade Buns (with a Stand Mixer)

  As you might know, I am a carbivore. I come by it honestly. I come from a long line of bakers and it has been one of my goals to someday do them proud.  When I got my stand mixer a couple of years ago, one of the things I was looking forward to…

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How to Plan a Successful Camping Trip

Honestly, camping can be A LOT of work.  For me, it is fun and rewarding and worth all the effort. We look forward to camping all through our long winter, and try to plan at least a few adventures every summer. I have discovered that the more prepared you are, the more you can relax…

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Summer Camping Series

  You might say I was born to camp. I was 3 weeks old the first time I went camping. My mom and dad were expert campers who hit the road every weekend between May and October before I came along. I still remember places we used to go, sights along the way. No matter…

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Don’t Ring My Doorbell

I was about 10.  I was selling Girl Guide cookies or raising money for a walkathon or a jump-rope-athon. (This was back in the days when schools and organizations encouraged kids to go knocking on strangers’ doors to support their causes.) Door-to-door canvassing always made me nervous. But at least this time I was with…

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Hiding in Plain Sight

One spring morning, about a year and a half after we moved into our house, I went outside to see our across-the-street neighbour standing at the end of her driveway, staring into our yard. She was a sweet lady who always said hello and would sometimes stroll across the street to chat. She lived alone…

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Hockey Puck Biscuits

  My dad loved biscuits. (Pretty sure he was a carbivore like me.)  Growing up, I was surrounded by beautiful biscuits. We always had them in our bread box or in our freezer. My dad and I would have them at meals, or as a snack – sometimes standing at the kitchen counter.  A cup of…

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The Magic of Six

David says he has 2 volumes: loud and louder.  His favourite food is bacon. And fish crackers. 

Open Boxes book cover - resized

Open Boxes – A review

The Nietzsche quote at the beginning of Open Boxes by Christine Organ drew me in immediately: “Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” Isn’t that true? The bonds of love and family and commitment are stronger than any steel.