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Open Boxes – A review

The Nietzsche quote at the beginning of Open Boxes by Christine Organ drew me in immediately: “Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” Isn’t that true? The bonds of love and family and commitment are stronger than any steel. 


8 Signs You Might Be a Carbivore

The other day we were having a conversation about the foods that people and animals eat. I was telling Bravo that he liked meat so much that he was a carnivore. (Bacon is his favourite.) Alpha has never been a big meat fan, so we called him a herbivore. (I used to tell him he…

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They Won’t All Like You

Try as you might, they won’t all like you. Some will have reason – maybe, unthinking, you said something to hurt them.  You will be too round for some. Or too short.  You might not make enough money. You’re too old. Or immature. 


The Best of Both Worlds: An Ode to My Tween

When I was a new mom, I was not looking forward to the school-aged years. I was downright dreading the tween and teen years – when I contemplated them at all. I was an early childhood educator – I didn’t know anything about big kids except they were mouthy and rude. And… well, BIG. Time…

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Baby Feet

  When I became a mom, I dreamed of pictures of tiny baby feet and hands. A snoozing baby loosely wrapped in a blanket, a tiny foot with the teeniest of toes peeking out. I wanted to capture the beauty of those tiny tootsies so that one day we could marvel that they were ever so…

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Old School Blogging – I am…

  I am excited to join Elaine from Miss Elaineous Life for Old School Blogging again this month. Elaine is teaming up with Angela from Jumping With My Fingers Crossed and they have given us a series of sentence beginnings and it is up to us to finish them.  I am alone in the house….

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Today Was The Day

  Today was the day. I was going to get caught up on the laundry.  I was going to book 2 camping trips. 


Old School Blogging – 12 Questions

  It’s Old School Blogging time again! I’m linking up with my friend Elaine from Miss Elaine-ous Life for 12 random questions. Elaine’s co-host this month is Emmy from Emmy Mom. 1. Are you young at heart or an old soul? – Can I say both? I’m going to say BOTH. Introverted and reflective, but…

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Chores? Just Call Him The Flash

Like many kids, ours are expected to do chores to help out around the house. Captain Alpha, as with many things, has his own unique chore style. This method seems to be a full-on race to finish. Because finishing his chores means he can play in his room or watch TV or play on his tablet…

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This is my 'if-I-don't-smile-I'll-cry-because -there-is-so-much-snow' face.

The Winter of Our Discontent

William Shakespeare speaks to me.  No, not in the creepy ‘I see dead people’ way. Since I first began reading his works in school, many lines and quotes from his various plays and sonnets resonated with me. I bought Shakespearean magnetic poetry at a gift shop in Stratford-Upon-Avon when I visited England years ago. It’s not…

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